Saudi authorities foil major drug smuggling bid

24 March 2022

JEDDAH: Saudi authorities on Wednesday seized more than 3.3 million illegal amphetamine pills and arrested two suspects as part of a crackdown on smuggling operations in the Kingdom.

Maj. Mohammed Al-Nujaidi, spokesman of the General Directorate of Narcotics Control, said that the Captagon pills were discovered inside a consignment of lemons.

Two suspects, a Jordanian resident and Syrian expatriate on a visitor visa, were arrested in Jeddah and the case passed to the public prosecutors.

The discovery follows efforts to crack down on drug smuggling networks that threaten the security of Saudi Arabia and endanger its people, Al-Nujaidi said. Last week, the authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle 1.6 million Captagon tablets through Jeddah Islamic Port.


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