Russian low-cost airline reports receiving false bomb scares

10 days ago

MOSCOW, January 15. /TASS/. The Russian low-cost airline Smartavia turned to the country’s law-enforcement agencies after receiving false reports of bombs planted on its passenger planes at airports across Russia, the airline’s press office reported on Saturday.

"The airline has turned to the law-enforcement agencies with a statement on possible facts under deliberately false reports of a terrorist threat that disquiet passengers and affect the carrier’s normal operation," Smartavia said in a statement.

The airline is currently operating in the normal mode and all flights are being performed as scheduled, the press release says.

Smartavia said that it had received an anonymous message on the evening of January 14 that bombs had been planted on all of its airliners at Russian airports.

"The Smartavia operational services immediately informed the law-enforcement agencies of that. Extra thorough screenings of passengers, hand luggage, luggage, cargo and mail were held at all the destination airports. As a result of measures carried out, no suspicious items that could pose a threat to passengers and airliners were found," the airline said.

Smartavia received a message on Saturday about a bomb planted on its passenger plane bound from St. Petersburg for Samara. The airliner made a landing at the destination airport on schedule. After inspecting the passenger plane, all the passengers, and also their hand luggage, luggage, cargo and mail, the airport’s ground services also found no suspicious items. The airliner is preparing for its next flight, the press office said.


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