How to add news on the site?

Any registered user can add news on our website.

To register, follow the following link: Register.

Attention! Before you start adding news, we suggest you to read the rules for adding news.

It should also be remembered that if you want to add news for the desired country (Russia, Moldova, ...), switch to the country for which you want to add news. To do this, use the button at the top of the site:

From the list, select the country in which the event occurred and then proceed to the steps that are described below:

1.Go to the news edit page. To do this, click on the "Add news" button. Which is at the top of the site.

2. On the edit (add) page, fill out the form:

- Write a title in the "Subject" field

- Describe the event in the "Description" field

- Select a category (if it necessary)

- In the "address" field, you can specify the address where the event took place or write the place.

   Example: Market near Moscow airport,….

   This field is optional. And it can be filled in only when needed.

- Add photos by clicking on the add button in the Photos field.

- Add video.

   To add a video, specify the link to the video in the add video form It should be remembered that you can add links to videos exclusively from services: YouTube and Vimeo.

Before adding a video to our site, you need to upload it to the video hosting YouTube or Vimeo.

Indicate the place of origin of the event on the map.

Drag the cursor to the location on the map where the event occurred. To do this, click on the marker icon and while holding down the left mouse button, drag to the position where you think the event occurred.

Attention! If you decide to add news using your mobile device. In order to set the location of the event, click on the map, then place the marker on the place of the event and click on the "Set" button.

If you have the "Locate" function enabled on your mobile device. Click on the "Centralize" button located in the lower left corner of the map. This button will help you to automatically set your location. Activate this function only if you decide to write about an event that happened near you.

3. After filling out the form, click the "Post news" button.

At the moment, your news will be sent for consideration to our moderation. If the moderator does not find any disturbance, he will approve your news and other users of the system can see it.

If the moderator finds violations in the content of your news, he will send you the news for revision. If violations are detected, the moderator will indicate the reason. After making changes, you can submit the news for consideration again. To do this, on the publication editing page, click the "Publish news" button.

To find out whether the news was approved or returned for revision, on the "My news" page, under each news (from the list of news) you will see a message describing the status of the news.

Attention! You cannot make edits to an article while it is being reviewed by a moderator or has already been published.

If for any reason you want to delete an article that was previously added by you, go to the "My news" page, select the desired news and click the "delete" button. You can delete your article, regardless of the status in which it is located.