How to remove personal data from the system

How to delete personal data from our resource, as well as materials that you have published on our website?

In accordance with the privacy policy of our resource, any registered user of the DailyNews.Life website has every right to delete his personal data and materials added to our Resource.

The materials published by you can be removed by you personally or by sending a request to our administration.

Below are the ways to delete personal data from our Resource.

Account deletion

To delete your account, go to the settings page (you will find the link in the user menu), and click on the "delete account" button. After clicking on the button, confirm your intention by selecting the “YES” button from the pop-up window.

After deleting your account, other records and materials (photos, videos, news, ...) will be automatically deleted from the database of our site. In some cases, the administration has every right to keep the news published by you, until your account is deleted.

Attention! If you find a problem with your personal data on our resource, but you did not register on our website, please inform our tech. support about this violation. Send your message to our address In the message, include a link to a fake profile page and a photo of your ID (black and white). After reviewing the application, the administration will delete the account.

If the owner of the account has died and you want to delete his account, please send us a message confirming this fact (add a photo of the death certificate or another document confirming the death of the account author to the message). After reviewing the application, our administration will delete the deceased's account.

In order to remove other materials published by you on our site, see "Removing articles from the site".