Information for copyrights holders

The administration of the DailyNews.Life project (hereinafter, the Site, Resource) in accordance with the "DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)" draws attention to any reports of copyright infringement and takes certain actions in accordance with the "DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)" and other applicable intellectual property laws.

In the event that your published material protected by copyright was, in your opinion, installed on the pages of the DailyNews.Life website and you want to remove it, then you must provide our administration with written documents in accordance with the requirements set forth in this document and procedure.

Warning: Please note that you are solely responsible for the damage caused to our Resource (not excluding the costs and fees of the lawyers hired by us), in the event that you provide implausible and / or distorted information regarding your copyright. Before filing a complaint about any material on the DailyNews.Life website, we strongly recommend that you consult with your lawyer.

The DailyNews.Life website is publicly accessible to users and operates in compliance with the applicable laws of Belize (Central America).

The DailyNews.Life administration does not exercise any control and cannot be responsible for the information posted by users on the DailyNews.Life resource.

Any information is posted on our Resource, a registered user, independently and without any control from anyone's side, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of posting information on the World Wide Web.

The administration of the DailyNews.Life website does not have technical and other capabilities to control the actions of users of the resource. The administration of the website DailyNews.Life has a negative attitude towards infringement of any copyright on the resource DailyNews.Life. Therefore, if you are the copyright holder of exclusive rights, including: the exclusive right to public display; exclusive right of reproduction; exclusive right to be communicated to the public, and your rights are somehow violated by using the DailyNews.Life website, please send us a message (electronically), in accordance with our recommendations described below.

All your claims and complaints, send to our E-mail for complaints:

Attention! We strongly recommend that you include in your complaint letter (otherwise, DailyNews.Life reserves the right, and you agree, not to consider your complaint) the following complete information:

1. Information about the copyright object in relation to which, in your opinion, the violation occurred on the DailyNews.Life resource:

    1.1. The name of the product or work - Russian and English.

    1.2. The official page of a product or work, or a source of content (content) on the Internet.

    1.3. For the Copyright Holder of electronic publications / Legal Entity / Computer Programs / Databases - A copy of the document on state registration.

    1.4. For the Copyright Holder, audio and video materials, a Legal Entity - a rental certificate (scanned copy).

    1.5. For the Copyright Holder of the photo and graphic materials / Legal Entity - a document confirming the ownership or copyright to the image.

2. Information about the copyright holder:

    2.1. Full information about the name of the legal entity. Or passport details of an individual.

    2.2. Postal address (in the event that the legal address is not similar to your mailing address - the obligatory indication of the legal address).

    2.3. Site address of the copyright holder.

    2.4. License for the right to operate (if such activity is licensed in accordance with the procedure established by the law of your country).

    2.5. Contact person of the copyright holder (position, full name, phone number, email).

3. Details of the person filing the complaint.

    3.1. FULL NAME.

    3.2. Position.

    3.3. Telephone.

    3.4. E-mail.

    3.5. A copy of the power of attorney to act on behalf of the Copyright Holder (not required if the person making the complaint is the head of the Copyright Holder's company).

4. Claim Data.

    4.1. The address of the website page that contains data that allegedly violates the rights of the Copyright Holder. The link must be of the form:*****

    4.2. A full description of the essence of the alleged violation of the rights of the Copyright Holder.

5. Subscription on the legality of actions (filled in by hand and sent as a scanned copy). Mandatory for every complaint or claim.

6. Pay attention! Our department for processing complaints filed (including the administration and management) of the DailyNews.Life resource assumes the right not to consider complaints and claims of the following type, and the Copyright Holder agrees with this:

- If the video material, the placement of which allegedly violates the rights of the Copyright Holder, is physically posted on a third-party site, for example,,,,,,, video,,, or on other similar services for storing video files, and inserted into the DailyNews.Life website page only as a video broadcast code. In this case, DailyNews.Life does not violate any copyright regarding this or such video materials, since the DailyNews.Life website has nothing to do with the distribution of this kind of video, but only displays the publicly available (for example, how search engines do it) distributed on third party resources, information and data. In the event that this type of video materials violate the rights of the Copyright Holder, the Copyright Holder must contact the original source and delete the video that violates his rights on the video hosting site.

After removing the video material from the source site, it will automatically (without any intervention) be removed from the DailyNews.Life resource. Thus, there is no point in demanding the removal of any video materials from the DailyNews.Life Resource, but you should contact the source site that distributes the submitted video.

The DailyNews.Life website strives to indicate a link to the source resource under each video (photo) file, this same provision applies to IR video broadcasts. Thus, we recommend that you follow the specified link and contact the administration of a third-party resource (source site) with your complaints and claims.

It should be noted that some content is published on our website automatically. We are talking about news collected from RSS feeds. Each copied news from the groovy RSS feeds contains a link to the source of this material. Thus, if you are the copyright holder of this source and do not want to see your materials on our Resource, please contact our administration at the specified contacts on the contact page.

The administration of the website DailyNews.Life strictly prohibits the publication of materials from the following sites: